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Finch 3E

Red Kate Rune's Magical Items

Author: Matthew J. Finch
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Copyright July 2002, Matthew J. Finch, all rights reserved. No claim is made to any intellectual property of others, including WOTC.
All content is Product Identity other than game specific descriptions and Players Handbook deities.
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I'm Red Kate Rune. Yes, you've heard of me if you're an adventurer here in the City of Marbolg. An old adventuress with a shop on the Mages Gates, selling magic items. Well, I'm young enough to cross a sword with the young warriors, and old enough to outwit the thieves, so by my calculations, I'm just the perfect age. I keep comfortably ahead of the competition, at any rate. By my reckoning I buy and sell about half of the enchanted items that pass through the city, and that's a good many. Most of the adventuring parties in the city know the way to my shop, except maybe the evil parties. Those ones find their markets, though I won't tell you where. If you're interested in magic items, you can find them at my shop. Right now I have some very unusual pieces, not the normal run of the mill.
First is the Floating Lantern. 'Tis an ordinary lantern enchanted with minor magics. When the command word is spoken, it rises into the air and follows the speaker until the word is spoken again. The adventurers like it because it doesn't occupy a hand you might need free for swinging a sword. I had ten of these made for me by one of the freelance wizards in town, so mine is the only place you can find them. No? Well, take a look at this, then.
Looks like an ordinary leather doublet without sleeves. It not only acts like armor, but it helps you with various merchant's skills such as appraising, diplomacy, intimidation, and spotting thieves. 'Tis said that the Far Oaks Coinclannaig had three of these made for their travelling members. Wise-money doublets, they called them. Now, the Far Oaks Coinclannaig was ambushed by bandits on the High Mistral Road between Ferffallow and Rhydower, some say by Black Powyn the Ogre's band. This doublet did come from thereabouts, but it doesn't match the description of the ones of the Far Oaks Coinclannaig. No, it's not so much the item for an adventurer.
Perhaps you'd be interested in this, then? Now I can see you're interested. Yes, everyone likes shields and weapons. This one is quite special. Weapons that attack you have a chance of sticking to the shield itself. Quite useful in a fight. This one here was originally made by the sorcerer Andras Meaghan. An adventurer, Andras was, in a group called the Fearnought Clannaig. It seems, though, that one of the members of the Fearnought Clannaig didn't quite live up to the party's name. Their main fighter, Bruin Blackbeard, tended to become a bit cowardly when the chips weren't falling just right. So Andras disappeared into a workshop for a week or two, and when he came out he was bearing this magical shield to prop up Bruin's courage in battle. Needless to say, it didn't end well. They were adventuring in the foothills of the Fellfastings the last anyone heard of them, but a friend of mine bought this shield in the Goblin Quarter two weeks ago, and I recognize it well enough. I'll be quite surprised if we ever hear of Andras or the Fearnought Clannaig even again.
Floating Lantern
Description: This item is an ordinary lantern enchanted with minor magic to assist adventurers. When the lantern's command word (usually inscribed on the lantern's base) is spoken, the lantern will rise into the air and follow the person who spoke the command word until the word is spoken again. When the lantern is lit (it is not magically illuminated), it will provide light without occupying the owner's hand.
Caster Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item. Caster Level 3rd. Market Price: 1,000 gp.
History: Ten of these were crafted new in the City of Marbolg at the order of Red Kate Rune, dealer in magic items.

Wise-money Doublet
Description: A Wise-money Doublet appears to be a normal doublet (a jacket, with or without sleeves). However, it grants the wearer a +2 armor enhancement bonus, and circumstance bonuses of +10 to appraise, diplomacy, intimidate and spot checks.
Caster Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, Mage Armor. Market Value: 12,000gps.
History: Several of these magic items have been fashioned for the use of traveling merchants and also for fences and pawnbrokers in large cities.

Holdfast Shield
Description: Usually a large steel shield, this item has a 10% chance per melee round of attaching itself to your opponent's weapon (provided that he is attacking). When this happens, a strength check with a DC of 13 is required to free the weapon. The strength check is a move-equivalent action.
Caster Prerequisite: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Mending. Market Value: 9,000gp.
History: While the shield created by Andras Meaghan is one of the best documented of the Holdfast Shields, it is by no means the only one. There are records of holdfast armor as well as shields. The holdfast effect is treated as a +2 on magic armor and shields when calculating market value.