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Mythmere's Tournament of Dungeoncrafting and World Building

September '02 Tournament: The best free 3e adventure currently available on the web. The Tournament has started to roll!

Gold Stag Graphic
Nominees include The Wizard's Amulet (Necromancer Games), The Hunt of the Black Hound (a sidetrek), Short Living, by Vadim, Right Under our Noses by Ken Shannon of Thunderhead Games, The Burning Sage's Demense, a revised version of an Eric Noah Adventure Contest Winner, and Fiery Dragon's Himrak War Party. This is a fantastic slate of modules to vote from. We are still taking more votes until the 20th. Don't forget to actually vote for the nominees! Just go to the Message Board.

Next month's Tournament will be for the most useful (to a DM, of course) NPC stat block. Entries must be posted by the authors, because I will post the NPCs on the site.

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Tournament Rules

The first Mythmere's Tournament of Dungeoncrafting and World Building will be held beginning upon the posting of this announcement, and shall end on September 25th. The prize will be a place in the Guildhall and the right to post a Golden Stag. The contest will be conducted on the Message Board. The contest is to determine the best free D&D3e module (not exceeding 10th level) currently available on the web. Entries must be posted, as a link to the module, on the September 02 Tourney Entries Forum by September 20th. One vote may be posted by users (anonymous posts will not be counted) on the September 02 Tourney Votes Forum, with voting closing at midnight central time at the end of September 25th. This web site assumes no liability to anyone for the content of any post, and shall determine the outcome of the contest in our sole and absolute discretion without regard even to these rules if we deem appropriate under the circumstances. No duplicate votes will be counted. The adventure doesn't have to be written for the contest; any freebie from a publisher is in the running if it is posted on the web.

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