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Short Description: God of Nature
Symbols: Wreath
Patronage: the wilderness, wild creatures.
Code: Protect nature, honor holy sites.
Alignment: N
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water.
Typical Worshippers: Barbarians, Druids, Rangers.

Symbol of Belvanus

Belvanus is a deity with two aspects: the one is a kindly old man dressed in a white robe, garlanded with holly and bearing a gnarled oak staff. His beard is mossy and gray, and he is tall and thin. The other is a huge, beastlike shape, human but hunched, with a leering, laughing face and horns like those of a ram.

Belvanus is worshipped both by the Teutons and in many Galtic cultures, although the Green Mother, a rival (and older) nature deity still holds sway in many Galtic regions. The center for Galtic worship of Belvanus is the Druid-dominated country of Rowanslieg. There is no center for Belvanic druidism in the Teut regions, and in the High Teutonic cultures the worship of Belvanus is beginning to come under attack as insufficiently lawful.

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