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Wednesday, 2 February 2005
My Crusade - the statement of mission - Let's Roll
It may be quixotic of me, but I'm absolutely determined that this game's going to succeed and flourish. I want my kids to enjoy the kind of game I enjoyed when I was eleven. I have a year before my oldest son turns that age - he's autistic and there's no way he can absorb the 3E ruleset. I'm going to see to it that C&C is firmly established when he's ready for it - with net support, well-edited rules, a large following (preferably with market penetration into his age group), and lots of product. That's my mission statement.

I plan to produce a few little pdfs myself in the service of this goal - which is the reason I haven't signed the NDA. I don't want to be constrained in what I publish while the CKG is still in production.

I urge any and all other fans of C&C to join the crusade not only as a fun game, but as a contribution to the FRPG hobby as a whole. It's worth it to spend a little time promoting the game we enjoyed as children (well, it's a bit more streamlined, but it's essentially the same). The only place where the heart of that original game still beats nowadays is in Castles & Crusades. The motto of the Trolls is "Alea Jacta Est." The motto of my own crusade is a bit more aggressive. I say, "Let's roll."

Posted by mythmere at 11:05 AM CST
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Thursday, 3 March 2005 - 1:04 AM CST

Name: Art Doc_Klueless Wendorf

Plan on buying it myself for those rare games when I get back together with my old group which is now over a 400 leagues away. Need something quick, easy and furious since we won't have the time to roll up the complex characters of 3.5e.

I'm still gonna play 3.5e for my "regular" game (using Fantasy Ground). I like that rule set, but C&C looks really good for quick pick-up, one-shots with old friends while drinking a variety of homemade fruit wines and mead that's been mellowing for 5 years.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that TLGs has sold at LEAST two more copies of C&C PHB to me (1 personal copy and 1 table copy) and possibly more for the group.

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