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Short Description: Goddess of Safekeeping and Order
Symbols: Intricate iron key on a ring
Patronage: Stockpiling, scolding, defending, putting in order
Code: Guard the benefits of civilization, prevent famine and theft, organize things.
Alignment: LG
Domains: Law, Plenty, Healing, Knowledge.
Typical Worshippers: Guardians, merchants, managers.

Symbol of Brelady

Brelady is a popular goddess with the mercantile classes, for she is the goddess of making and keeping money, inventory, order and stability. Brelady is worshipped in Teutonic regions (as a minor goddess in barbarian Teutonic myth, and as an important goddess in High Teutonic myth) as well. Brelady is a petite goddess with red hair and green eyes who wears a blue dress with a great belt of keys around her hips. She is, according to virtually all of the myths, a goddess with a quick wit and a sharp tongue, never outdone in business, often rescuing other gods from their domestic and financial mistakes. Brelady’s clerics wear blue as a badge of their priesthood. The holy symbol of the goddess is an intricate iron key on a ring. The current High Priestess of Brelady in the Galtic regions is Mariah Cointrader, a cleric of fourteenth level. Mariah administers the other priests and priestesses of the religion from the Stronghold of Keys, a fortress within the walls of the city of Yrdeep.

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