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Short Description: Goddess of the virgin wilderness
Symbols: Stag or unicorn
Favored Weapon: longbow
Code: honor the wilderness
Culture of Prominence: Galtic, fey, elven
Alignment: CG
Domains: Animal, Plant, Fey, Good.
Typical Worshippers: Fey (most campaign fey are chaotic, rather than neutral good), elves, rangers, druids.

Symbol of Dayina

Dayina, goddess of the virgin wilderness, is often portrayed as a slender huntress accompanied by stags. She is a fierce and dangerous goddess, but not a malicious one. Her secret groves and her temples are guarded by strange forces that slay intruders or turn them to stone. She is the implacable enemy of the evil fey, of goblins, and of any who would despoil the forests and wild places that are sacred to her.

A few astute observers have noted the recurring theme of snakes in the decoration of the temples of Dayina, and have postulated that the snake plays a role in the higher mysteries of the goddess. Many of these astute observers subsequently met with unfortunate accidents in the wild, such as being eaten by foxes or accidentally turning into solid wood. It is a reminder that the face of divine good is, for mortals, as deadly as the face of divine evil.

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