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Short Description: God of Chivalry and Feudalism
Symbols: Castle
Code: Defend the system of the benevolent lord who consistently rules the law-abiding peasantry.
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Culture of Prominence: High Teutonic
Alignment: LG
Domains: Protection, Law, Good, War.
Typical Worshippers: Paladins, good fighters

Symbol of Draknar

Draknar is usually portrayed as a huge warrior with a winged helmet, bearing a greatsword and wearing full plate armor. His priesthood is highly militant, for Draknar always reminds his followers that law and good are not the natural state of things. Law and good must be fought for, achieved, won. Once they are achieved, they must be cherished and guarded. Any society based upon law and good is eventually doomed to fall back into chaos and neutrality or even evil. The role of the priests of Draknar is to fight the doomed fight, to preserve the light for as long as it can be preserved. Hence their battle cry, “We are the light that burns away! We are the doomed!”

There is a radical cult of Draknar which holds that the final battle between good and evil is coming, and that the gods themselves will die at the hands of the evil ones. This battle can only be staved off, not prevented.

On the First of Jultain, clerics and followers of Draknar gather in villages and towns for the Feast of Heroes’ Memory. On this day, bards and minstrels recall in poetry, song and drama the deeds of the great warriors against evil and chaos. This tribute to Draknar keeps alive the memory of chivalrous deeds, to preserve the past from the chaos of forgetting. In this way, the common folk participate in the battle against the death of the gods.

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