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Short Description: God of towns and fairs (civilization, trade and travel)
Symbols: Gate and Scales
Patronage: Towns and Fairs, transactions.
Code: Be honest and law abiding.
Alignment: LN
Culture of Prominence: Galtic and Teutonic (especially High Teutonic)
Domains: Protection, Travel, Strength, Knowledge.
Typical Worshippers: Lawful merchants, townsfolk, Police.

Symbol of Farathane

Farathane is usually pictured as a man with short, sandy-colored hair and a long mustache, wearing a brown tunic and a green plaid cloak. He carries a set of merchantís scales wherever he goes. Farathane is a stern enforcer of laws, but is equally fair in dealing punishments out to wrongdoers. His clerics are continually employed serving as judges, supervisors of weights and measures, and other such mundane activities that maintain society.

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