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Fjorn Thundercaller
Short Description: God of berserkers, thunder and heroes
Symbols: Wolf Head
Favored Weapon: Axe. A cleric taking the War domain must pick one of: throwing axe, hand axe, battle axe or greataxe to which the weapon focus will apply.
Code: Excel as an individual at the expense of the team if necessary
Alignment: CN
Culture of Prominence: Barbarian Teutonic
Domains: War, Strength, Luck, Fire.
Typical Worshippers: Barbarians, farmers, sailors.

Symbol of Fjorn

Fjorn is the thunder god of the barbarian Teuts, depicted as a massive blond-bearded man in a horned helmet, accompanied by a wolf pack. He is the god of personal heroism, plunging into battle to become a hero without regard to the odds, the cost, or (to be honest) whether he's doing something utterly stupid. In High Teutonic culture, he is often portrayed as something of a joke by the clerics of lawful deities.

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