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The Gateway has something like 4,000 RPG links. No kidding. I edit the Adventures and Encounters section, which alone contains almost a hundred links. If you're trying to find something, go to the discussion section on the gateway and post on the "Where is" topic.

Vadim's Realm

Vadim's Realm has a kind of brawling, "screw the production values, we're here to game" attitude. There are some excellent homebrew adventures and resources here! There is also a considerable quantity of political commentary from Vadim, a former US Marine.

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RPG,D&D Library

More Links to Follow:

Epic Adventures I love the personality of the Content Imp, which comes through amusingly throughout this site. There is a lot of content here of good quality: it's a good place to browse.

The Domesday Book. This is neat for demographically aware worldbuilders. It generates kingdoms (down to individual professions in the towns) for a medieval society.
Encyclopedia Mythica. A great resource.
Sur la Lune Fairy Tales Index.
Herbs, their medical benefits, and how to grow them.

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