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Short Description: God of Luck
Symbols: green plait of hair bound into a circle and secured by silver wire.
Code: None.
Alignment: CN
Culture of Prominence: Galtic
Domains: Luck, Chaos
Typical Worshippers: Rogues, gamblers, anyone needing luck

Symbol of Magog

Magog began life as a whale, not a god. He was harpooned by sailors some time in the dim past. While they were drawing him to their coracle, the coracle was hit by lightning, and one of the sailors was killed. The chieftain of the tribe (who happened to be in the coracle) called upon Annorn to save the sailor, and Annorn, ever willing to avoid the work involved in keeping the souls of the dead, sent down a bolt of white light from Godland to reincarnate the sailorís spirit. Just as the bolt of white light came down, however, a swelling wave caused the bolt to strike the whale rather than the sailor. The whale was reincarnated as a large man, Magog Once-a-Whale, and the sailor died. A very confused Magog Once-a-Whale wandered the world while Annorn pondered and puzzled how to balance the accounts of the dead, a matter involving considerable and difficult mathematical calculations. At long last, Annorn became frustrated and simply threw a heavy rock at Magog, but missed his aim completely. The rock struck a whale that had been about to eat a sailor, killing the whale and rescuing the sailor. As it happened, this coincidence caused the accounts of the dead to balance again with no further work on Annornís part.

After a series of similar events, Magog found himself in Godland as a god himself, having become immortal by winning the bracelet of Neverdeath in a game of chance, from a traveling sword-swallower ignorant of the nature of the bracelet (whose career ended shortly thereafter).

Magog has a blunt head and rounded teeth, like a whale, a thatch of dark green hair, and his eyes are rather far apart. He has an unnatural fear of squid, and he is by far the most timid and shy of the gods of godland. He is a source of tremendous annoyance to Annorn, whose intricately planned amorous machinations frequently misfire in such a way as to leave the fair lady swooning for a confused and completely innocent Magog.

Magogís priests are few and far between, and they generally choose to let the priestesses of the White Goddess accept sacrifices to Magog. It is common that each year, most of the priests of Magog find themselves in the same village, quite by chance. They call this time of the year Magogís Finding, and have a party.

The symbol of Magog is a green plait of hair bound into a circle and secured by silver wire.

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