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The Night Hunter of the Moon (Fyrnacht)
Short Description: God of Hunters
Symbols: Man with antlers or stagís head
Patronage: Hunters
Code: None
Alignment: CN
Culture of Prominence: Galtic and Barbarian Teut
Favored Weapon: any spear
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Strength, War.
Typical Worshippers: Hunters, rogues, barbarians, some druids.

Symbol of the Night Hunter

The Night Hunter of the Moon (known as Fyrnacht to the Teuts) is one of the nameless deities from Galtic prehistory (like Annornís Ferryman). He is an eerie god, not attached to any moral code, just existing in a state of divine power. There are few myths about the Night Hunter and no moralizing homilies featuring his divine antics. His clerics are usually rather feared when they appear, for both they and the dictates of their bloodthirsty god can be unpredictable and dangerous. In the City of Marbolg it is common for a visiting cleric of the Night Hunter to be shadowed by clerics of Farathane, for these two cults have a particular dislike for each other. The Night Hunter is the closest thing to an evil deity in the Galtic Pantheon.

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