Finch 3E

Short Description: God of Pillage and Slaughter
Symbols: burning house
Favored weapon: Falchion
Animal: shrike
Code: Loot, Pillage and Burn.
Alignment: CE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, War
Typical Worshippers: Barbarians, evil fighters, evil humanoids.

Symbol of Reavyr

Reavyr is seldom depicted as a physical being; in most of the epics in which he plays a part, he is described as a river of fire or a flaming cloud. His portrayal as a red dragon is widespread, but not frequent. In the Metep religion, he is portrayed as a man with the head of a shrike, but this seems to be an invention of the Nethtep culture, for while the shrike is sacred to the clerics of Reavyr, the shrike head imagery shows up nowhere outside of the Nethtep regions.

Reavyr is strongly associated with many end-of-the-world millenarian cults. His followers believe that at some time in the future, Reavyr and his legions will overthrow the gods of civilization, giving rein to a new era in which the strong will dominate the weak.

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