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Sioc Cernghenach
Short Description: God of Elves
Symbols: Tree and Star
Animal: Lynx
Code: Live life to the fullest
Alignment: CG
Domains: Fey, Plant, Animal, Healing.
Typical Worshippers: Elves, some half-elves, many chaotic fey.

Symbol of Sioc Cernghenach

A remote and whimsical deity, Sioc Cernghenach (See-okk Sern-ghen-akh or See-okk Kern-ghen-akh, depending on region) is the god of elves, and is revered by many fey beings as well. Generally benevolent, but occasionally as cruel as winter, Sioc embodies the randomness of the connections between the fey world and the true world, the joy of life, and the arrogance of longevity.

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