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Thalaasskoptis (Nethtep) The Sea Demon (Galtic, Teutonic)
Short Description: Sea God
Symbols: Octopus with face
Patronage: Evil Sailors, sea monsters, storms at sea, and the drowned
Code: Enforce the worship of the god, kill the disrespectful
Alignment: CE
Domains: Water, Chaos, Luck, Air
Typical Worshippers: Pirates, Sailors.

Symbol of Annorn

Thalaasskoptis is the tentacled one, god of sea monsters, storms at sea, and the drowned. His attention is to be avoided or placated at all costs, by means of spells, charms, and human sacrifice. Like most of the Metep Gods, Thalaasskoptis is adored only by his clerics and a few others. The vast majority of those who pay homage to the god do so to turn his attention away from them. Most coastal towns in Nethtep regions have a temple specifically dedicated to Thalaasskoptis. This is generally a stone edifice which is built partially or entirely in the water, so that the lowest level or levels are perpetually flooded, and one level may fill with water at high tide. In smaller villages, such an elaborate construction is, of course, beyond the means of the village, and Thalasskoptis may simply have a shrine, looking like a cistern, built in the shallows. The view of Thalaasskoptic priests is that it is their duty to ensure that the rule of Thalaasskoptis extends over all of the seas, and that no other sea god is venerated. There are rumors of pirate ships captained by clerics of Thalaasskoptis which will attack ships which do not have the proper signs of placation to Thalaasskoptis on board. The symbol of the Tentacled One is a writhing mass of tentacles, sometimes with an octopoid face looking out from the center. The High Temple of Thalasskoptis is located in Shemoss, the capital city of Arzouman. Much of the temple complex is underwater, a dark, unlit maze. The High priest of Thalaasskoptis is Modrobar Thalaasskoptian, a cleric of high level.

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