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The White Goddess
Short Description: Goddess of the Moon
Symbols: Full moon quartered by four crescent moons, owl, white, silver.
Patronage: community, family, women and children.
Code: Protect children, family, and community
Alignment: NG
Domains: Moon, good, protection, healing
Typical Worshippers: Majority of Galts

Symbol of The White Goddess

Most clerics of the White Goddess are female, for a male follower of the goddess cannot achieve more than three class levels in her service. The White Goddess is the most important of the primordial Galtic deities whose names are not spoken. She is the unquestioned leader of the Galtic gods (in other words, in the Galtic areas, other gods permit her clerics to take the lead role in religious matters). Temples of the White Goddess are often used for the worship of the other Galtic gods.

Moon Domain
Granted Power: 60 darkvision

Domain Spells:
1 Endure Elements
2 Chill Metal
3 Searing Light
4 Moonfire Shield (as Fire shield, but deals cold damage)
5 Whirlwind of the Moon (as Flame Strike, but the elemental portion is cold damage)
6 Wind Walk
7 Moonbeam (as sunbeam)
8 Moonburst (as Sunburst)
9 Sympathy

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