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Finch 3E


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Column Miscellaneous Resources

Random Encounters A set of seventeen mostly non-combat quick role-playing encounters for use in random encounter tables or in your adventures. Written by Matt Finch.

Ships and Sailors Hate it when your players suddenly decide to ask around for information at the city's docks? Fear no more. This is a list of ships and their descriptions, together with stat blocks for average captains and sailors. Written by Matt Finch.

Dungeon Tiles This link takes you to Dewayne Agin's Heroquest Site's Tile page. Several artists are featured, one of whom has been published in Dragon Magazine (Ron Shirtz). Print them out and use them as battlemats; they are very well done.

New Prestige Classes

How to Create a Monster's Correct Hit Dice by Daniel Collins. This is one of the better analytical pieces I have seen. Read it when creating monsters.

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