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Finch 3E


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Column Monsters

Orc War Band A band of 100 orcs, with stats for the leaders, plus an orcish magic item and stats for several other types of orcs to round out the encounter.
Black Powyn's Band The dreaded bandits of the High Mistral Road, the Ogre Black Powyn and his lieutenant, the cunning female centaur Yllsharla (EL 8). An original from MWR, set in the Mistral Verge, written by Matt Finch.
Ghoulmonsters Four ghoul monsters, written by Matt Finch using Monte Cook's template.

Links to more monsters

Formorian giant This is a version converted under the conversion license, not the official 3e formorian giant.
Baobhan Sith Created under the conversion license. An undead celtic beast.
Lake Monster Well, that's self explanatory.
EN World Conversions Massive collection of converted monsters from prior editions.
A Plethora of Fey! Large collection of converted fey from prior editions, from Boz of the EN World Message Boards.
Carrion Crow A neat mix of necromancy and a living bird to create a CR1 monster. By C. Wesley Clough.
Column Templates for Monster Creation

Magical Constructs Monte Cook

Ghoul and Ghast template Monte Cook

Half medusa Open game content monster by Sean K. Reynolds.

Fleshbound vampire by Sean K. Reynolds.

Feytouched by "Devon."

Henborn basilisk by Sean K. Reynolds.

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