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Finch 3E


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Column The NPC Gallery

Collections of NPCs

The Folks of Folklore a large list of 37 stat blocks for townsfolk and rural NPCs by Matthew Finch

The City Guard v1.2 a collection of two city guard units (rural and city) by Matthew Finch

Villains and Heroes a collection of PC-type NPCs by Matthew Finch and others

Detailed Individual NPCs

Bella Gardener A neutral good halfling rog3/wiz5 by Lynn LeFey

Polo Foxburrow A neutral good halfling Sor5, by Jukka Saerkijaervi. Polo has a good backstory set in WOTC's World of Greyhawk. The two halfling NPCs (see Bella, above) were submitted separately, but coincidentally could be the nucleus of a halfling NPC party!


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