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Finch 3E


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A prestige class by Bugaboo
Open Game Content from Dungeon3e
Informally organized, but recognized by the gnomish nations, the Scarlet Squirrels are dedicated to protecting forests and ensuring communities live in harmony with nature. They have a code of honor and responsibilities to uphold good (or at least neutral) behavior.
Although adventurous, they usually serve the same function as a local police force, keeping harmful civil disobedience to a minimum and watching over children, which they recognize as a community's greatest resource and hope. And they're usually excellent storytellers - kids adore the exciting tales Scarlet Squirrels bring back from their occasional travels.


Race: Gnome (or have a gnome sponsor).
Alignment: Any good.
Skill ranks: Jump +6, Balance +6, Search +8 and Performance (storytelling) +2.
Feats: Lightning reflexes, Dodge and Mobility.

Level Attack Roll Fort Ref Will _Spell Level_
----------------------------------1 2 3
1 -----+1 --------0 ---+2---0---1------Tree Speak; Bushytail Buddy
2 -----+2 --------0 ---+3---0---3------Nimble Fall (-10 feet)
3 -----+3 --------+1-- +3--+1---5------Weresquirrel (1/day)
4 -----+4 --------+1 --+4--+1---5-1----Splinter weapons
5 -----+5 --------+1 --+4--+1---5-3----Nimble Fall (-20 feet)
6 -----+6 / +1 ---+2 --+5--+2---5-5----Weresquirrel (2/day)
7 -----+7 / +2 ---+2 --+5--+2---5-5-1--Uncanny Dodge
8 -----+8 / +3 ---+2 --+6--+2---5-5-3--Nimble Fall (-30 feet)
9 -----+9 / +4 ---+3 --+6--+3---5-5-5--Weresquirrel (3/day)
10 ----+10 / +5 --+3 --+7--+3---5-5-5

Class Features

Hit die: d8/level

Skills: 4 pts/level - Sense Motive, Spot, Listen, Search, Performance, Climb, Jump, Balance, Tumble, Move Silently, Hide, Wilderness Lore, Animal Empathy, Diplomacy, Heal and one Knowledge or Craft area (player's choice).

Weapons and armor proficiency: Scarlet Squirrels are proficient with all light armors as well as hide, a medium armor. They are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as the hooked hammer and hand crossbow, exotic weapons familiar to gnomes.

Bushytail Buddy: If the character hasn't already attracted a familiar, he gains this new friend at first level. The squirrel familiar (of any species appropriate to the area) has the same attributes as the standard rat familiar, with the exception having a higher charisma and the benefit of adding +1 bonus to each of the character's Balance and Diplomacy skill ranks.

Tree Speak: Because of their focus and special affinity, Scarlet Squirrels gain an ability to communicate with tree-dwelling animals. This ability manifests over the course of his first class level with full comprehension by the time he gains second level.

Nimble Fall: Beginning at second level, the character can make a Jump skill check on all falls (as per the Jump skill description). If successful, fall damage is reduced by 10 feet at second level, 20 feet at fifth level and 30 feet at eighth level.

Weresquirrel: The character can polymorph into any known squirrel form, in the same manner as a druid's Wildshape ability. This ability can be used once per day at third level, twice per day at sixth level and thrice per day at ninth level. (This is not the lycanthropic affliction of a similar name.)

Splinter Weapons: Beginning at fourth level, the character can make any tree (of adequate mass) magically produce a single, perfect weapon crafted from its own wood. In a Scarlet Squirrel's possession, it is a +1 weapon of quality; but for anyone else, it reverts to a simple, practice-quality toy. Splinter weapons lose their magic after three hours. This ability is usable once per day. For other weapon attributes, refer to the standard Ironwood spell description.

Uncanny Dodge: At seventh level, the character gains the sixth-level rogue ability of the same name to avoid flatfooted and flanking penalties.

Code of Conduct: A Scarlet Squirrels' commitment to his community involves protecting and educating children. To that end, a character should set aside at least one day each fortnight to spend with youngsters, which usually involves play and storytelling (often with lessons related to his chosen craft or area of knowledge). Scarlet Squirrels will act as travelers' guides, diplomats and rangers if asked, and will always answer the call to help other Scarlet Squirrels. Any Scarlet Squirrel who knowingly commits an evil act or brings harm to nature and its inhabitants loses all his special class abilities for at least a month until he atones for his actions. Such disgraced characters cannot progress in experience levels until then.


1st Level spells:
Calm Animals - As standard spell;
Animal Friendship - As standard spell;
Faerie Fire - As standard spell;
Jump - As standard spell;
Scamper - As standard spell, Expeditious Retreat.;
Magic Nuts - As standard spell, Magic Stone, except that the focus is nuts instead of stones;
Goodberry - As standard spell;
Alarm - As standard spell.
2nd Level Spells:
Woodland Silence - As standard spell, Silence, except that the affected area is permeated by the unfocused sounds of nature such as babbling brooks, rainfall, chirping crickets, calling birds and the like;
Protection From Arrows - As standard spell;
Aid - As standard spell Tree;
Shadows - As standard spell, Invisibility, except that the character must be within tree branches or touching its trunk with at least one palm. The spell also is broken if the character loses contact with the tree;
Squirrel's Grace - As standard spell, Cat's Grace;
Hold Animal - As standard spell.

3rd Level Spells:
Neutralize Poison - As standard spell;
Commune with Nature - As standard spell;
Drey - As standard spell, Leomund's Tiny Hut spell, except that the protective sphere is created above ground in a tree's branches and/or trunk. Also, the tree itself reshapes its wood slightly to provide a somewhat nest-like platform for the character and associates;
Thunder Nuts - As standard spell, Fire Seeds, except that only the grenade version is allowed, with variations: Acorns explode with fire damage; walnuts explode with electrical damage; and pecans explode with cold damage.

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