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Monday, 4 July 2005

Well, it has been a while since I had anything that was worth blogging about, and now that M&T has been mailed there is suddenly more than I can cover in a single entry.

First, Monsters & Treasures is good. Very good. This is going to drive the game far for several reasons:
1) we now have an official format and official monsters that can be used in web supplements. Free web supplements are going to be a very important factor in making sure that C&C becomes a permanent fixture in the gaming world. Scadgrad and I are working to bring out the C&C Society Gazette Issue 1, which will contain a couple of mini adventures. The Troll Lords have officially given the legal go-ahead for the use of product identity and compatibility references, so the project is a full-scale go. The link to the C&C Society working group for the gazeteer is

2) The game has gained credibility that was a bit lacking after the grammar and layout of the PHB first printing. This book shows that TLG has a real, professional product in this game.

3) There is a lot more to talk about for fans of the game - without the M&T, rules discussions and CK advice-sharing were a bit hampered.

Now, on another front, I temporarily quit CKing for my group, but have started again. More on that, probably, in a later blog. A lot of it is discussed in a thread on ENworld.

And thirdly, Green Ronin has released True20, a lite version of d20. This game is, I think, the first potential competitor with C&C in the niche C&C occupies. It is more and more important for TLG to maintain the quality control that is evident in M&T.

All of these themes I'll expand upon, but I wanted to lay out a sort of "blanket" set of the issues as they stand now that M&T has been released.

With this new book, C&C is a potential giant, for the first time rising to its feet.

Posted by mythmere at 11:58 PM CDT
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