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Welcome to the Wondrous Resource, a site dedicated to the Castles and Crusades game published by Troll Lords. The list of resources is just over to the left, there. I hope you enjoy the site and return often. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME my email is mythmere AT yahoo d0t com (you have to type it in like a normal email address to make it work). I really appreciate comments on the blog, too - the link is on the left at the top of the bar, and once you're in the blog, click on the "comment" feature at the bottom of the entry you want to comment upon. I do read the comments!

This page is dedicated to my loving wife Madison, to Tessa, Thomas, and Angus, and to Phoenix (b: 1988, d:1988), whose Dad I never got to be, much to my sorrow.
November 1, 2002. Another great review for my published module! Read the review here.
August 21, 2002. The module I wrote for Airweaver Games has received a four-star (out of five) rating from EN World staff reviewer Simon Collins! (Review Page is no longer active)
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